Communication and Inter-professional Work in Nursing.

Communication With Diversity In The Workplace Management Essay.

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Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

Miscommunication Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles.

In conclusion, diversity poses a challenge of miscommunication in organizations, as people come from different cultural lines, races, genders and age groups, in addition to different communication styles, work styles, and statuses. However, there exist many ways of overcoming this challenge.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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The aim of this essay is to discuss the concept of communication within Interprofessional team, critically analysing how this could affect collaborative working and with meticulous attention given to two key points; effective communication in terms of verbal, non-verbal and active listening and the development of mutual trust and respect.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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Increased levels of diversity in the workplace have led to the need for improved levels of communication. “Increasingly, people from diverse cultures interact at work, in social environments, and at school. Yet misunderstandings often result due to differences in impressions and views” (Hynes 2005).


Miscommunication may also arise through the use of certain mediums of communication by people from different cultures. Communication media such as telephones which does not allow persons to observe gestures and facial expressions may lead to miscommunication.

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Miscommunication is a major source of intercultural discomfort and conflict. Communication verbal, written, and nonverbal goes beyond what’s said, written, or expressed. The process of communicating differs among cultures its how it’s said (or written or expressed), when it’s said, and why it’s said.

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The purpose of this essay is to identify possible potential reason for successful and unsuccessful organizational communication. Effective communication is an important factor for the success of any organization but there are certain barriers that cause failure in effective communication.

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Miscommunication in the Workplace Communication is a two-way street. Making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on only one frame of reference will usually fail and cause miscommunication between the parties involved. This can be because of differences of gender, culture, age or even education levels.


A diverse health care workforce will help to expand health care access for the underserved, foster research in neglected areas of societal need, and enrich the pool of managers and policymakers to meet the needs of a diverse populace. The long-term solution to achieving adequate diversity in the health professions depends upon fundamental reforms of our country’s precollege education system.

There are so many hidden business costs of not encouraging and promoting a culture of open, effective communication across diverse teams. As human resources managers or supervisors, you have the direct ability to change an entire company culture and increase profits by taking miscommunication seriously and creating a plan for change!


Effective communication also allows team members to understand their roles and the roles of everyone else on the team. It also gives room for understanding among the team members for what needs to be done. Consequences of Lack of Communication.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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Managers, team leaders and supervisors should lower their defenses in order to encourage sharing of information in an honest way such that truth is promoted. Appropriate action should be taken to follow communication intentions. Listening actively During communication process, participants should offer full attention. One should turn and lean forward towards the other party. Eye contact should.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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Since companies are more global today, diversity and multicultural communication has become a crucial part of business success. Teamwork and Team Building Teamwork and team building is vitally important in any multicultural and global society. In today’s day, the workforce is becoming more diverse, meaning that people from different cultures are required to come together to work as a team.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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The Importance Of Team Communication Essay 1457 Words6 Pages Abstract The focus of this paper is to show how communication is a very vital and important factor in a team’s success. I will cover how it helps to identify each individual team member’s role.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team


The major challenge in communication and especially in business terms is that even when the communicating parties approach each other in good will, it is always perceived that miscommunication will likely cut short the endeavor especially in the event of cultural differences between them. More importantly, miscommunication, which is a result of poor use of verbal and non-verbal skills may lead.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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With globalization, there is bound to becultural diversity in the workplace, and while we know the intercultural communication, it could also lead to communication barriers. Several factors such as religion, body language, personal space, status and hierarchy, gender roles and personal appearance are influenced by the culture that one belongs to and this could lead to miscommunication at many.

Essay On Communication And Miscommunication In A Diverse Team

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The role of a public relations team is to help foster effective, efficient and well intentioned communication between two or more parties (Bruning, 2000). A public relations representative or team may not necessarily ensure that one's communication message is accepted by all, however it is their job to ensure that a message is presented clearly and in a manner that is non-threatening to all.

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