Long and Short Essay on Role Model in English for Children.

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How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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A good role model is the one who can be respected, admired, expected in some ways by employees within organization. Role modeling is influenced the workplace in terms of communication, performance and organizational behavior. A good role model able to gain credibility and team cohesion, he also can expect the subordinates to work with you closely.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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Role models have an astounding effect on the lives of young people in our society. A role model has the ability to shape the views, ideals, and actions of a young person. Role models help youth to discover how they wish to become in the future. The influence that role models have over young people is tremendous.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

How to Be a Good Role Model Essay - 353 Words.

Role Model Essay 3 (400 words) Introduction. My role model is the nation’s heart throb, ace cricketer, Virat Kohli. His dedication towards his work and his love for his family is what I love about him. He inspires me on both personal and professional level. His Booming Career.


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Being A Good Role Model Essay Being A Good Role Model Essay The accomplishments and legacies that these models make depend largely on diverse personal perspectives and views of the world, specifically in areas on money and career, sexuality, family and. Who is your role model and how did that person impact your life - Essay Example.

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A role model in life can be family, teacher, friend or just a stranger, social worker, a leader etc. who did something that changes your thoughts and decisions about life. And for me my role model are my parents in this essay. My father is my role model are my parents because they posses the quality of a good parent.

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Responsibility is super duper important in order to be a good role model. The third and last thing a good role model has is determination. Being determined means being set to accomplish something. It is of importance because it means you are willing to go through anything to overcome any challenges that are keeping you away from your goal.


One great example of a good famous role model would be actor Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky into a very unstable family of John Depp and Betty Walls. When he was only 8 years old his mother and father divorced, leaving him to have many stress related problems and as a result of this started to self-harm.

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A good role model has the right attitude and the ability to achieve goals that they set. They have the staying power for the long term. A good role model will develop a clear sense of direction and distance themselves from the petty issues. You will find a good role model will have an infectious energy that will want others following them.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

How To Be a Good Role Model - Free Essay Example.

A role model is a person who inspires and encourages us to strive for greatness, live to our fullest potential and see the best in ourselves. A role model is someone we admire and someone we aspire to be like. We learn through them, through their commitment to excellence and through their ability to make us realize our own personal growth. We look to them for advice and guidance. A role model.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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She is my role model and I will mold my life to be like hers. In my eyes, she is the embodiment of perfect motherhood and she is the standard that I will forever strive to achieve. I want my kids to look at me, as I look at my mother- with love and admiration. May you live to see all your great grandchildren mother. I love you so much.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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A role model inspires a following. Role models are people who others look up to as perfect examples that they would like to emulate. In the current world where media sources such as social media have continuously negatively influenced masses, youth look up to celebrities and actors as role models. For me, however, my motivation and source of.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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A good role model involves several characteristics. One is having a good personality. Second there must be a good reason why that person is influencing other people. And third that person must have a good attitude. So a good role model must basically be a good citizen and must be significant for a reason.

How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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How To Be A Good Role Model Essay

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