The Netherlands-Based De Stijl Movement Free Essay Example.

The Netherlands-based De Stijl movement Essay Example.

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De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

Artists by art movement: De Stijl (Neoplasticism.

The De Stijl aesthetic and vision was formulated in large response to the unprecedented devastation of World War I, with the movement’s members seeking a means of expressing a sense of order and harmony in the new society that was to emerge in the wake of the war.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

De Stijl and Bauhaus Movements: Modernism in the Soviet.

Originally a publication, De Stijl was founded in 1917 by two pioneers of abstract art, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.De Stijl means style in Dutch. The magazine De Stijl became a vehicle for Mondrian’s ideas on art, and in a series of articles in the first year’s issues he defined his aims and used, perhaps for the first time, the term neo-plasticism.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

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De Stijl was the first-ever diary devoted to abstraction in art. although the movement’s creative persons were non the first to pattern abstract art; other painters. possibly most notably Wassily Kandinsky. Kazimir Malevich and Hans Arp. had earlier created non-objective art. frequently integrating geometric signifiers in their work.


De Stijl was basically an artistic movement which included the body of work created between 1917 to 1931. Founded in 1917, De Stijl also became one of the most famous art magazines. Neo- plasticism, which refers to the work of plastic art, was the main artistic philosophy behind the De Stijl movement. I am designing architecture of a small.

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De Stijl architecture was formed by a group of young artists who created the new movement in 1917; calling both the movement and the magazine they published De Stijl. The group promoted utopian ideals and group members believed in the birth of new age in the wake of WWI. They felt it was a time of balance between individual and universal values.

De Stijl - The art of the perfectly straight line.

De Stijl at the Stedelijk (until May 21) follows the museum’s new policy of no longer drawing a strict line between art and design in it presentations. Works by De Stijl painters are shown.

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Design style definition of Stijl movement is showing material in a very simple way, its designers used extremely simple and orderly style of painting, colour and form lines applied on the architecture, clothing, furniture and other aspects of design.


Booklet on self-conducted research on De Stijl Art Movement (Contextual Lecture).

The De Stijl Movement of the early twentieth century was founded in 1917 by Theo Van Doesburg. Initially established as a journal, he brought together a group of artists, architects, sculptors, designers and writers who collectively published the first issue of the journal entitled, De Stijl (the style). By publishing this they hoped to create a dais for the voice of the modern world and the.


Following the turn of the 20th century, a plethora of new philosophies and ideals emerged from changing social, economic, technological and cultural factors, demanding a new way of thinking. With this, modernism encroached on societal boundaries.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

The De Stijl Art Movement (also known as Neo-Plasticism.

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De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

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In De Stijl and Dutch Modernism the author wrestles to ensure that we gain a far more balanced account of events than we have previously received. Once past the rather indigestible preface, in which White wrangles with methodological difficulties facing the twenty-first-century historian, the book is a real pleasure to read.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

Van Doesburgh’s Open Plan House:Analysis of. - UK Essays.

De Stijl is a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917. Also known as neo-plasticism, proponents of De Stijl looked to express a utopian ideal of spiritual harmony and order. They believed in reducing everything down to the essentials of form and colour.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

Piet Mondrian and De Stijl: The Paradox of Simple Complexity.

He published his landmark essay “Neo-Plasticism in Pictorial Art” across the first 11 issues of the De Stijl magazine. In the third part of the essay, he wrote: “As the time is not yet ripe.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

De Stijl With Examples From The Original Movement Essay.

De Stijl in Dutch means “ The Style”, also known as neoplasticism, was a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917. The movement was mainly about creating geometric abstract paintings. In a narrower sense, De Stijl was a term used refers to a body of work from 1917 to 1931 founded in Netherlands. De Stijl was also the name of the journal, which published by the Dutch painter, designer.

De Stijl Movement Essay About Myself

De Stijl: 1917-1931. Visions of utopia. Introduction by.

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